Happy Monday Patrons! How is everyone doing today? Good? Things are going well here in the Space Lounge. We have some collaborations in the work for videos over the next couple of weeks. It's been interesting digging deep into my musical past and mining the songs that remain influential in my life and casting aside those that are not anymore. As always feel free to request songs via the “Activity” tab as well. If I like the song, it might become the song of the day! Here are your current Song of the Week winners: Week 1 - I Was a Playboy by Joe Henry Week 2 - Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon Week 3 - Birds by Neil Young It's time to vote on the Song of the Week for Days 22 - 28. Here are your choices: 22. Already Red Enough - Zack Orr - Tuesday - 4/28/15 23. Softer - Zack Orr Wednesday - 4/29/15 24. Machines - Zack Orr Thursday - 4/30/15 25. You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones Friday - 5/01/15 26. Sweetness Follows - REM Saturday - 5/02/15 27. Harvest - Neil Young Sunday - 5/03/15 28. Streetlights - Josh Rouse Monday - 5/04/15 If you didn't get a chance to hear these songs yet, visit the “Creations” tab on the 365 Days of Song Patreon page to watch the videos. To cast your vote for the Song of the Week, click the “Activity” tab on the Patreon page and Post the song you think should win! Keep in mind, voting is public. We ask that you respect all fellow Patrons musical opinions. Voting each week will be open on Sunday and close at 10am EST on the following Tuesday. The winner of the Song of the Week contests will be announced Tuesday evenings. Each patron can only vote for the Song of the Week once, so make it count! Thank you so much for your support! Best, Zack