“As a multidisciplinary artist, some are perplexed by me thinking that perhaps you’re a jack of all trades but a master of none. For me, artistic talents are like languages - the more of them you know, the easier it is to learn another, and the more tools you have in your toolbox. Rather than spinning my wheels trying to niche myself and fit into templates that didn’t feel organic, I began embracing my multitudes and using them to my advantage. Maybe you’re a dancer who bakes wedding cakes, a singer who paints oil portraits, an actor who builds birdhouses, a cinematographer who makes clay vases, a poet who sews clothes, a blogger who makes necklaces, a sculptor who writes haikus or a guitarist who takes still life photos. Whether you love and practice only one artform, or feel passionate about several, only you know your own artistic native language. Speak it with love and confidence.”
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