I'm not quite sure why, but I'm more apt to post the mistakes I make to these activity pages, and post the successes on the creations page. So...here's another mistake: Those fence posts were supposed to randomly fall down as if the fence is in dis-repair. But, instead of falling to the ground, they're falling up! Oh well, back to the drawing board again. Did you happen to notice anything else different here, though? Any improvement in the trees? (Spoiler: I improved the leaf-drawing part of the tree algorithm so that it sometimes draws the leaves in front of the trunk and branches...if you look closely at all the earlier versions of my trees, the leaves were always in the background.) As always, its two steps forward and one step back. Finally, FYI, I intend to work on those flowers in the near future. Right now, they're all just little balls of color. I'll be experimenting with some petal-drawing code here soon. I've got some ideas on where to start, but no telling where I'll end up.
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