Excerpt from "A New Doll for Polly"
...But it seemed very important to Grandma Mosely that Polly also like baby dolls. She brought her a new one every time she visited, and Polly was supposed to say Thank You. "But that would be a lie," Polly protested. "I'm not thankful." Mother sighed. "It's not lying, it's more like playing the Glad Game. Even if you don't like the present itself, you can still thank her for thinking kindly enough of you to give you presents, right?" Polly had the uncomfortable notion that Grandma Mosely did not think kindly of her, but that she wanted to change Polly into someone who liked baby dolls. It seemed easier to Polly to change the latest baby doll into something she liked better. If she cut and stapled the silly dress so that it was more like cargo pants, and if she made the baby doll a pretend machete out of cardboard, why, then, they could go Exploring the Amazon Rain Forest together. And Grandma Mosely would be happy to see Polly playing with the doll she'd given her. But Grandma Mosely took one look and started crying. Mother and Father told Polly to put the doll away in her room, and maybe Polly should stay up there too until Grandma Mosely went home. Later, Mother came in and boxed away Polly's action figures, as punishment for hurting Grandma Mosely's feelings. "I will give them back to you in a week. No arguing! Meanwhile, you will write your grandmother a sincere note of apology for destroying the present she gave you. What were you thinking?" Except Mother didn't really want to hear what Polly had been thinking. She cut her off. "No excuses, Polly. That was a hateful thing to do." So Polly was deprived of her favorite toys, just because Grandma Mosely couldn't tell the difference between "destroyed" and "altered." It was unfair. So Polly decided to go looking for her action figures in the storage room.... __ Full-length fictionette (1412 words) appears in PDF and audio formats for Patrons pledging from $1/month and $3/month respectively. PDF: https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=2456641 MP3: https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=2456657 Cover art incorporates public domain image sourced from Pixabay.com: http://pixabay.com/en/dolls-girls-baby-toys-children-209151/
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