Here's a sample of a session log from one of my recent gaming sessions using the "Saturday Morning Supers MASTER System" rules! Become a patron for access to the archives of this and other sessions! May 17th, 3057 When we rejoined the team, they were making quick work of a heavily armed gang of bank robbers. The robbers had taken out a squad car with a rocket launcher but small arms fire from the pursuing disabled the van the robbers were trying to use. The team wasted little time, Magenta bombing a group of the well-armed goons, John Sampson as Mas Fuerte clobbering some, Quazar pulling civilians out of the line of fire, Gypsy establishing a mental link and using her mental powers to take out one of the goons, with Filmstar handling the press! The robbers all had peculiar Cheshire Cat tattoos on their right arms and the team put a pin in that to investigate later. The team was unable to raise Sparkler, who was on monitor duty, so they were concerned that the worst had happened, so they made all due haste back to the base. When they got there, they found an improvised electronic tripwire across the egress from the elevator. Magenta determined it to be a gas bomb and dismantled it (keeping the parts, of course) while part of the team checked the monitor room across the hall (with the rest of the team still getting into position) where the monitor room door had apparently been rigged. Sparkler was unconscious in the monitor room with a ticking bomb sitting on a table near her! The team sprang into action, Quazar deducing there was a motion sensor in the bomb elected to; instead, get Sparkler to the medical bay, while the others examined the bomb. Magenta disarmed this bomb too however it barely had enough explosive to make a puff of smoke! John Sampson deduced it must be a decoy, so the team headed for the security wing and the computer lab. When they opened the security door, which had also been rigged, a flash bomb went off, blinding most of the team; however Filmstar was unaffected and instinctively absorbed the energy, shielding Mas Fuerte from the effect! All at once, a figure in a ski mask and black tactical gear dashed past the bulk of the group, doing some impressive free-running acrobatics, however Mas Fuerte saw him coming, snatched him up, and planted him to the floor, knocking him out. The team interrogated him once they had him secure in the brig, and they were rejoined by White Wolf, who the masked man had also apparently knocked out. They learned that he was one of two agents of the Grakador government (something known as “Division 19”) that had been sent to Rajahstan to break into a lab there and secure information on what was now known as “Project: Reboot”! In fact, it was the very same lab where Dr. Simon Conrad became Doctor Simian! The agent went on to indicate that it hadn’t been his plan to destroy Doctor Simian’s lab- the mission was simply a grab-and-go operation. The agent went onto say that he had been “burned” for trying to find out why the other agent, codenamed “Knyfe”, had destroyed the lab, so since then, he has been taking a portable scanner to track the energy field generated by “Project: Reboot” to find labs engaged in the research as a means to clear his name, or at least find out why Division 19 burned him while staying just ahead of hit squads aimed at taking him in or taking him out. He also added that Doctor Simian appeared to have a similar device and has apparently been using it to find other labs using the “Project: Reboot” tech. Why Doctor Simian was destroying these labs was not entirely clear. Magenta, meanwhile, had gone onto the police station to check out the flash drive they had found on the agent. It temporarily disabled the police station’s systems (for 37 seconds), which explained what had dropped the security systems in the Guardians base. Cursory glance through the data revealed a vast collection of information on “Project: Reboot”- design schematics, lab locations, personnel files and other things. On the way back, the scanner Magenta had taken from the agent went off and detected the “Project: Reboot” wave! She jet-packed her way to the location and stumbled right into some kind of battle. Doctor Simian and a crowd of mercenaries were attacking a warehouse on the waterfront, the source of the energy signal! She called for backup. Quazar, John Sampson, Filmstar, and White Wolf boarded a Shark, one of the VTOL aircraft the Guardians had in their vehicle bay and headed for the site while Magenta hunkered down invisibly. Before long, the mercenaries and Doctor Simian had entered the warehouse while the team landed on the roof, covered by bombs launched through a skylight from outside, White Wolf providing mental link from the aircraft! They inadvertently set the warehouse on fire, but that wasn’t the worst of it. The source of energy signature transformed from a machine into an almost featureless android form, with a classic cartoon-looking bomb for a head! The bomb android exploded, taking out the mercenaries but Doctor Simian survived and stumbled out of the warehouse as it burned! Unexpectedly, every speaker in the area began to sound in Doc Tangent’s voice, once again accusing Doctor Simian of stealing his work and pronouncing doom on him at the hands of ELVISS (Extremely Large Very Intelligent Secure Space) which was, apparently, Doc Tangent’s entire base out in Gannamon Bay! It attacked the warehouse with atomic energy bombs, missiles, and machine guns, shooting down the Guardians’ plane (with White Wolf still aboard)! The team sprang into action, taking Doctor Simian’s van (loaded with armaments) and Mas Fuerte hurled it out into the bay at ELVISS, with Quazar clinging to the roof intending to leap off once it got there! The remaining heroes then opened up on the van to cause it to explode as it slammed into ELVISS, breaching the machine’s chest! Outside, Doc Tangent’s favorite creation, the density-shifting android Synthia surprise attacked Doctor Simian, Filmstar, and Magenta! Inside ELVISS’ chest, Quazar and Mas Fuerte, who had jumped onto the automaton, found a control center in the chest protected by a heavy door. A hasty truce was called as it became clear that ELVISS was going to be no easy opponent. Doctor Simian agreed to assist the Guardians and threw Filmstar into ELVISS’ chest compartment while Magenta whipped up a Doctor Simian hologram to confuse ELVISS (and inadvertently Synthia). She smashed through the heavy door revealing Doc Tangent at the controls, guarded by LARI! The battle was joined! Doctor Simian and Magenta defeated Synthia while Quazar, Filmstar, and Mas Fuerte defeated Doc Tangent and LARI, however Doc Tangent’s head exploded upon his defeat, revealing him to be some sort of decoy, a translucent cola-brown self-repairing automaton of some sort. Doctor Simian seemed like he might be making a break for it to his jet, so Mas Fuerte shot it down with ELVISS’ weapons systems, and Doctor Simian then surrendered peacefully, surprising the bulk of the team. The bulk of the Guardians then arrived from their other mission, taking possession of ELVISS and custody of Doctor Simian, the faux Doc Tangent, LARI, and Synthia.