Volition Public Demo v1.0mac/v1.1windows

This first demo is public in order to let people get an idea of what I'm making before they decide to become a patron or anything. So, please, have fun! Tell me if it's bad! Break everything! Harass buttons! Try to go through peoples' things! (Wait what were those last two?) I will fix it. (Unless you tell me to make it more like Skyrim or Undertale or something because those aren't what I'm going for. Then I'll tell you to get outta here.)

Known Bugs/Things on the To-Do List

  • Mac v1.0 says "Spark" instead of "Bless" in the demo. This does not affect gameplay and will be fixed in the next demo. Windows v1.1 does not have this issue.
  • please god I hope the shingles tile error is fixed, I spent so many hours trying to fix it
  • Change equipment names to be less dumb
  • Change name of Fire II to be less dumb
  • Make Raven's accent consistent

I hope you enjoy getting your hands on the game in it's very early state, and please feel free to share it as this post is public!

If you have any feedback to give, you can either do it here, or I've made a nice little google form for if you're new to playtesting and not sure what would be helpful to tell me.

You can fill out the feedback form here if you want!  It would be super duper helpful to me in order to aggregate info!