Show Notes for DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour Podcast 06 - WWC July 20, 1991

Here are the show notes for the WWC show I review:

WWC Campeones 07-20-1991

Opening theme has Greg Valentine, Jose Gonzales, TNT, and more.

El Profe & Hugo Savinovich

Backdrop has big belt on it. In studio standing.

Nicholai Volkoff is now in Puerto Rico. Pushing Volkoff vs Carlos

Pushing Steve Strong and Giant Warrior.

Video on Alex Portu (Yes, that's how they spell it). Held Junior and tag team titles in Puerto Rico.
Generic heavy metal music video.

Join wild brawl in process. Ricky Santana & Monster Ripper &
El Profe. Quick clip. Profe cuts promo on Santana.

Ricky Santana promo in English on El Profe. Has some belt.

Promo for show at Poli-Deportiva Guillermo Angulo de Carolina

Carlos Colon vs Nicholai Volkoff
Giant Warrior vs Abdullah the Butcher
Ricky Santana vs El Profe
Sasha vs Monster Ripper
Super Medicos vs Ring Lords
Invader III vs Alex Porto

Auditorio de Boxeo de la Antigua

TNT vs Abdullah the Butcher
Invader I vs Fidel Sierra
Ricky Santana & Giant Warrior vs Ring Lords

Match 1 - Abdullah the Butcher vs Dutch Mantel
Commentary centers on Abdullah vs Giant Warrior.
Abdullah uses pencil gimmick on Mantel.
Jump cut to Mantel using whip handle on Abdullah.
Abdullah managed by Chicky Starr.

Commercial break. Back to highlights of Abdullah vs. Giant Warrior.
Warrior uses Abdullah's gimmick against him.
Abdullah crazy promo with Chicky Starr. Has box on his head.
Clips of Abdullah beating people up.
What's in the box?

Giant Warrior promo in southern English. Sounds like Magnum TA.
Not a terrible promo. Sweet giant mullet.

Match 2 - Fidel Sierra vs. Puerto Rican Verne Gagne
Victor Cantel? Sierra wins with knee off top rope.

Hugo moderates an angle with Monster Ripper, Miguel Perez, El Bronco,
some dude in suit. Too much echo in room. El Bronco has belt too.
They watch a tape of a tag team match. Can't tell who is in it.
They call suit guy Commissioner. Ends in huge argument.

Match 3 - Ring Lords vs Miguel Perez Jr & Hurricane Castillo
Castillo turns heel and wont tag Perez. Monster Ripper
manages Perez & Castillo. They beat down Perez, Jr.
Match was backdrop for Castillo turning heel on Perez.
Perez blades pretty big.

Ring Lords promo on Invader I & Super Medic. Clearly southern

Super Medic & Invader promo.

Match 4 - Johnny Rich vs Nikolai Volkoff
Volkoff wins with back breaker.

Highlights of Volkoff vs Carlos Colon. Colon is attacked by
El Profe who manages Volkoff. Giant Warrior comes for save.

Promo by El Profe and Nikolai Volkoff about upcoming Russian
chain match. Profe is tiny beside Volkoff.

Promo by Colon.

Match in Progress: El Profe vs Ricky Santana
No contest.