The fruits of yesterday's labor. The roses are pretty much done, and the lilies are pretty close. Getting lot of the shadows in, I've been a bit sloppy with my paint in some areas because there will be some pretty dark shadows in and behind the leaves, so it doesn't matter too much. The Ivy leaves will have a lot of vein detailing, so I've only gotten the vein colors blocked out in light and dark areas for now, today I'll probably drive myself crazy adding the darker areas between the veins, and painting tiny details for hours and hours. Or maybe I'll do another darker coat + the shadows, and lift the color from the veins. Might be easier, I suppose I'll test it out on a little scrap of paper and see how well it turns out. Lots of experimenting in this piece. I didn't crop the photo so you can see my messy temporary pallet on the masking tape.
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