God of Loving Tears

The third small god of February's Month of Love project is the God of Loving Tears.  When Love is as deep as an ocean, someone may need to learn to swim.

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Excerpt from "Gods of the Florn FOA handbook"...

  Weeping Gods are surprisingly common among humans; tears mean so many things to them, all deeply felt.  Tears of Love is worshipped by happy lovers and by sorrowing lovers, sometimes by worshipers who are both at once.  All tears are offerings to him, on his altar or otherwise.

The Florn FOA provides worship space for Tears of Love, Tears of Rage, Tears of Pity, Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Envy and several more, including a small god of Therapeutic Tears worshiped by the Opthalmologists guild.  In the interest of efficiency, we have assigned all our weeping gods to the same chapel, the one with the new drains. 
-- Facilitator of Many Holies, Deacon at the Florn branch of the First Othering Assembly.*
*formerly, the Temple of Wandering Gods.

**To learn more about small gods of the world beyond the wood, read here...   Patrons can read more on the greater gods here and here.

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