Retired Hero Chapter 24


The Hero Learns

It’s now meeting time.

It’s a little less than the number of people who were in the guild, but around seventy adventurers have gathered, including the Greed Tiger members.

“Good job coming here, my fellow adventurers. It will go in a blink of an eye if we have this many of you here”

Gazing at the adventurers present, Leona smiled.

She is right. If it’s just orcs, then we should be able to overwhelm them with this number, regardless of generals being there or not.

That’s if there are only orcs, however.

“Guys, you ready for this?”

Each of Greed Tiger raised their war cry towards Leona asking the question.

Perhaps lured by that, the other adventurers even raised their hands overhead.

I wonder if that’s what you call mass psychology.

I never would have thought, but even Isvel was raising her hand overhead and raising her voice.

Isn’t she getting influenced too much I wonder?

“ ‘n So, how about we do some pig hunting eh?”

The adventurers boarded the prepared carriages one after another.

The orc’s breeding nests are inside a large forest somewhat separate from the city.

Forming parties of at least five man after moving close to the destination and each of them striking an orc’s breeding nest is this time’s strategy.

Our duty has become to freely rush towards the places that lack fighting power.

It doesn’t look like that was conveyed to the other adventurers though.

“I feel a little uplifted. It’s the first time I’ve done something in a group”

“That’s true…”

I’ve always been in a group of four and while Isvel came to lead a group, she had always been alone.

It means that it’s almost our first experience in doing some cooperation.

“We are involved in this now. We’re ending this fight without anybody dying, alright?”

“Yes, let’s protect them”

“Hm? Can’t we just end it by massacring them all before we protect them?”

“ … That idea of yours is very demon lord-like”

When we were rocked about for quite a long time by the carriage, the scenery outside gradually changed into a forest.

It should be almost time for us to arrive.

“Shall we loosen up our bo――!?”

Battle preparations――weren’t necessary, but I tried to move my body moderately. It was at that time.

I noticed countless magic power reactions appearing in the direction the carriage were moving towards.

These were signs of monsters.

And there were two tremendous magic power mixed up with them.

It should be easy to understand if I say the amount is at least about the same as Red.

They’re still far, but we’ll bump into them at this rate.

“Where did they appear from?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go Isvel”


We rush out of the carriage.

The carriage is still moving, but we ran off in preparation for a fight.

“Hey! Why are you going off!?”

“Leona! There’s an orc military force before us! Get off the carriage and prepare for a fight!”


I could see great numbers of large red builds lining up in the far distance.

We will cut through them like this and then the boss――

‘Milord! Something is coming!’


A gust of wind gently brushed my body.

The next instant, something came flying from the sky.

“Dodge Adel!”


I roll to the side and escape from the impact point of that flying something.

A beat later, that something made an impact on the place where I was.

“Hey, what in the… To launch something like that…”

That something that made impact was a large built, red-skinned, what we call an orc.

That’s right, an orc came flying from the sky at high speed.

The instant Leona understood that, she shouted

“Take cover――”

Those words did not reach everyone.

Several orcs came flying at the places where the carriages were in close formation.

Due to colliding with a body holding an orc’s mass at high speed, that power became an obvious threat.

The carriage that were directly hit were pulverized, and cries of death resounded of the adventurers lying underneath.

“All of you! Get away from the carriages!”

The adventurers separated themselves from the carriages.

I bit my lips, seeing the state of the adventurers entering the forest scattered.

“It looks like we should have taken the first move and annihilated them all, just like I thought”

“ … Probably yes”

Signs of several monsters suddenly appeared inside the forest.

Judging from the size of their magic power, they’re likely Arc orcs.

The adventurers who are in a state of confusion won’t be able to hold on for long against arc orcs, no matter how high their ranks are.

It looks like attacking the carriages from the beginning and striking the adventurers who had scattered was their plan.

They’ve hidden their magic power quite cleverly.

“What will you do Adel? What should we do?”

“ …”

It’s not like I’ve never been in such a situation until now.

That time I left the protection to my companions and plunged deeply on my own.

If I defeat the boss leading them, then the monsters would be in chaos.

This time we can do that as well.

However, we lack the numbers at any rate.

It would be difficult to defeat the boss immediately if Isvel and I aren’t there.

But we lost the people who would protect our side and so casualties will increase among the adventurers.


A new scream rose from somewhere.

It doesn’t look like they’re giving us even time to think.

First I feel we should prioritize helping the adventurers.

I turned around and tried to rush to the adventurers.


That time, the voice of authority sprung out.

No, it’s the voice of a lion to be exact though.

“Don’t you scatter yourself about, got it? Beasts are those who eat monsters and we are not baits, we are predators! Come, it’s our counterattack!”

After a pause, the war cries of the adventurers who were called beasts resounded.

And then I begin to hear the sounds of battle.

It seems the adventurers’ counterattack has begun.

“What are you two daydreaming about! We’re going!”
“Ri- right…”

“My pride will take charge of this side. But the enemies are arc orcs, so you see. What they can do is earn time. In the meantime, you two and I will――”

Leona pointed towards the orc army at the end of the road.

“――eat them up”

So this is what you call… the presence of a king is it?

She must have grown quite familiar to situations like I thought.

She calmed down the adventurers and instantly pushed back the tide of battle.

“Mhm… You, I’ve gotten a little better opinion of you”

“Is that so then! Thanks then!”

Isvel and Leona broke into a run.

I was about end up being left behind while I was being dumbfounded.

So it means strength alone is useless in the world is it.

Ever since I quit as a Hero, it feels like I can learn more than when I was a Hero.

“What are you doing, Ade――I mean, Al! We’re going!”

“ … Alright!”

It looks like the time has come to counterattack.

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