Spider Gwen Vs. Lady Venom
Got this knocked out in a little under 4 days. :D There are some anatomical irregularities but I think (Or hope at least) that the viewer is too into the action to really care. =p After seeing some great cosplays of her at the Tidewater Comic Con I was compelled to do a fan pic for Spider Gwen despite not having read her comics yet. XD Though I suspect that's just how it goes with professional artist, lacking the time or funds to watch/read so many stories. I forget if a proper She Venom / Mary Jane ever existed in the comics, I have seen some different takes in fan art and sculptures at the very least. Prints of this piece will be made available for the DC Awesome Con this 29th!. Hope to see you there. ^_~ ------------------- High Res files and the PSD are available via the Drop Box links. ^_~