It's Okay To Take A Break (Writing Advice)

I did something today that I would have considered horrifyingly scandalous just a few months ago. With my latest story finished on Sunday and not quite "feeling" the next two items on my to do list (I'll write about that next week), I decided I would take a break to the end of the month. My to do list overflows along with my "needs edited pile", and I have an exciting new project percolating in my mind.  So, I moved the "due date" on my daily writing that's listed on my to do app to March 1 and moved on.

So this week I want to let you know that it is okay to take a break. Shifting gears, cleaning things up that have been outstanding, will help you to reconnect with your writing when you pick it back up again.

When you do decide to take a break, it's important to think of these things:

1. Have a set time. Putting your writing down without a set time to pick it back up again means that there's a good chance either the break will last a lot longer than you anticipated or it'll never get picked back up again. Neither option is good. 

2. Have a good reason. Even if it's a "my brain is fried" reason. The important thing is to know why you're taking the break.

3. Have a goal for your break. Know what you want to accomplish. And make a plan.

Breaks are good. They're excellent for recharging and putting things in perspective. It's important to make sure that you also get the most out of them. And don't worry. Your writing will be waiting for you.

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