As medical students, doctors had visions of one day caring for patients. These days, many of them find themselves forced to care more about paperwork done on computer screens.

Now, there is a new study is claiming that physician burnout is becoming a major problem, with doctors forced into doing too much paperwork, and too little of why they became doctors in the first place.

Some of you might say it's talked about on social media, but the reality is it's actually not talked about enough where doctors work.  

This topic is why I changed my practice so fast.  I saw the train coming via the blue light and nnEMF abuse.  My wake up call was the amount of trauma call my hospital in Nashville was forcing me to take with no breaks or compensation.  It was tantamount to slavery.   Jeff Whitehorn, my CEO, pictured below is actually scolding me about why I should do trauma call for free and no pay to keep my hospital privileges.  You cannot make this stuff up folks.  

At my former hospital in Nashville, the CEO of the HCA TriStar Summit Medical Center, Jeff Whitehorn (above)  told me verbatim the exact same message that is in the video below on Pamela Wibel's site.  I had to take my grievances to the medical executive board where my other physician collegues had to limit Mr. Whitehorn's power over me to ruin my health.  The doctors who supported me in 2011 I will never forget.  But I will never forget what Whitehorn attempted to do to me and my family and I decided that day I would make him pay in ways that would hurt him most.  I took away his best profit lines and I decided to leave his hospital without any notice to hurt his profiteering at my expense in 2012.

It's a modern day crisis because, at the end of the day, it affects the access for our patients.  

Some physicians are actually giving up on medicine, at a time when there's already a shortage of doctors in some areas of the United States.  The simple fact is clinician burnout harms patients.

Speaking to my medical school friends, almost none of them encourage their sons or daughters to go into the practice of medicine any longer.  The reason is obvious:  it's mainly because the profession has changed.  When you go back about 10 or 20 years, you had more time to spend with your doctor and there was no computer teethered to the doctor patient relationship.  

But, these days, doctors are likely busy with their EMR's on phones, laptops,  insurance paperwork, keeping records electronically and seeing more patients, and that could mean they are tired because they are destroying their melatonin levels 24/7 everyday they work. 

Our work environment in medicine defines CHRONIC light stress. It starts with the loss of paper charts to electronic medical records (EMRs) and only gets worse. Prescription now even have to be done electronically or the hospital loses revenue from the governments payoff to use EMRs.  Surgeons, ER, anesthesia have it worse because of call and shifts and the OR environment. The eye sees what the mind wants to see. We need to focus on the picture being built around us and not the pixels if we want to understand what is really going on to humans in the artifical tech world we've built. ----Mitochondriac Othello Principle.

A lack of good mental activity from a disconnection with nature destroys the good physical condition of a human being. The Epi-paleo Rx has not only changed my life, but saved it. 

Just because you think it’s better & you want it, doesn’t mean it is. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is timing that matters most.  when you life is built around chronic light stress you must change it as soon as YOU REALIZE It.   Time is not promised to anyone.  What you say is often less important than when you say it. Circadian timing is the insight, most doctors are devoid of these days. 

There is a “revolution on the surface of the earth” called technology and it is causing a new evolution of free radical signals via nnEMF and magnetic fields from your environment changing the internal terroir in your mitochondria leading to diseases that appear to emerge from nowhere. The health care reality you obtain manifests from these collisons and creations.


Yet another possible explanation for why observations don’t match predictions is that humans aren’t very observant about the mosaics of light around us. Sunlight provides a small part of the spectrum of light that we are optimized too. Food is a mosaic of sunlight. That mosaics is the only piece that you need to reclaim your health. Living under parts of visible lights spectrum is as deadly as being irradiated by X-rays or gamma rays. The only difference is the timescale of your downard spiral because of the chronic light abuse you allow via your choices.

Beautiful mosaics are always made of broken or torn material. Your sight is made from broken down colors in light to bring you a unique reality. Your biology is also built around light mosaics too and you do not realize it.  In every sound, the hidden silence sleeps. Life is a series of adversities: It's a strong wind tearing away from us all but the things that cannot be torn and ripped, so that we see ourselves as we are now. 

Even food is also an electromagnetic mosaic of light but few humans realize it because of how they perceive food. They got this idea from food gurus.  Food is an electromagnetic barcode mosaic of seasonal power densities. We're all mosaics of many things nature has designed to fall apart under the forces of nature so we do not come fully come undone. Pieces of light, love, history, stars; cemented together with love, music, and ideas.

The key is transforming the environmental energies/inforamtion to something different and new..........

We are all made up of broken pieces of sunlight and our colony of mitochondria was built by nature to collect the broken parts of the mosaic and make sense of the chaotic waveforms around us to give us a life of wellness.  Aberrant chronic light stress steals that gift.   Mitochondria are the glue that make life work..........that is what heteroplasmy is in a nutshell.  High heteroplasmy in your colony of mitochondria in your brain is where mental illness that surrounds suicide begins.  

People think they need a balanced diet of food. What they really need is a balanced diet of light in their environment. We not only "eat" sunlight--we can actually digest it and break it into its component frequencies to power specific neural processes. We also absorb it in our eyes, skin, gut, and lung.  

It should makes sense because food is really just a proxy for light in a specific subset of life anyway. Light is primordial to life on earth, not food. Life had to be built from light. There was no other choice. Even food's chemical bonds ultimately derive their energy from the sun and this is why they also contain an electromagnetic vibration.

There is no food we can't eat, but the other side of that coin is just because you can eat any food, doesn't mean you should. Food has a timing because it is an electromagnetic barcode for a seasons power density Humans might have survived from this flexibility, but optimal diet is not basic survival when you divorce circadian biology from photosynthetic process.

Sunlight is supposed to provide us a "balanced diet." Artificial light is really highly-unbalanced "junk food." Red and infrared light are more like "health food." 380-nanometer light is a "superfood." UV-light is like caffeine or "jet fuel" (can help or hurt depending on its mosaic). 

Gamma rays and x-rays are always poisons. Radio-waves (nn-EMF) when present in excess, by interfering with magnetic perception, cellular signaling, and mitochondrial electron transport basically cause "light indigestion." It is actually pretty interesting when you decide to really understand why people are now getting ill from aberrant light mosaics. 

People can ignore it but they can't really argue with it, can they? 

"Minding your mitochondria" has much less to do with watching your macronutrient intake than it does with managing your frequency intake!


May 8, 2018 -- One doctor commits suicide in the U.S. every day -- the highest suicide rate of any profession. And the number of doctor suicides -- 28 to 40 per 100,000 -- is more than twice that of the general population, new research shows. The rate in the general population is 12.3 per 100,000.

Doctors who die by suicide often have untreated or undertreated depression” Screen use is tied to melanopsin damage and destroyed melatonin and dopamine = poor sleep and poor mood = SUICIDE.  How does it happen?  More on that below.

Our work environment defines light stress. Starts with the loss of paper charts to EMRs and only gets worse. Surgeons have it worse because of call and shifts and the OR environment.  
Circadian rhythm dysfunction, melanopsin dysfunction, nnEMF rich environment, job stress, lack of family time and limited social life, working indoors, job beliefs and activities bury the sun from docs, most jobs are in large 4-5G cities which lead so low dopamine levels and suicidal inclinations from tech screen abuse.



Direct Physician Care revolt must largely come from two things: 

1) taking orders from slave driver CEOs, and COOs, and distant managed care directors and their underlings who have no skin in patient care directly 

2) entering more data into EHRs.  

One primary physician friend of mine now reports he is up to 100 EHR “clicks” per patient in 2019.   Said another doc ”We’re not subordinates or clerks.”  

We are being irradiated at record rates below our ability to understand what is going on so the government and companies can gain full control of medicine using a chronic light stress strategy.  

Physician suicide is a collateral effect of these techniques.   5G will amplify the effect of blue light hazard via screens.  Nobody sees the game plan but the Black Swan Mitochondriac who was almost forced to live this way DOES.


The NY Post has done a recent story about physician burnout that misses the real target. Their take is suicides and mental illness and some EHR. The reporter fails to report the big impact of managed care and abuse of doctors by insurance company clerks. Most HMO nurses and medical directors belong in the abuser category because of how they force chronic light abuse on physicians.

It's a light-based racket to gain control of doctors minds and behaviors. The ACGME, AHA, NRMP colluding to create a monopoly, prevent free-market reforms and then a business model based on 'indentured servitude' practices of sugarcane plantation slaves.  This is what modern medicine is becoming because of light abuse in medicine.  I went into great detail with Luke Storey on a recent podcast about how this happens and why it is all about control.  That interview is here:   PODCAST

Here is how our hospitals violate human rights of doctors—& patients—putting all our lives at risk. This isn't burnout by the way. It is forced wellness modules & resilience workshops only perpetuate this abuse cycle. You must watch the video in Cite one below to understand how the blueprint is being used. 

Who are you good for if you are not good enough for yourself doctors?  We have ALLOWED THIS TO happen to urselves.  Enough of this bullshit.  

It is time to fight back collectively by refusing to work on the plantation by their rules.  I am building the Magna Carta of NEW RULES for doctors to be unleashed at Kruse Longevity Farm training in 2019.  


http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/abused-foreign-doctors-enrich-us-hospitals-harm-americans/ … 



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