God of Blind Love

The fourth small god of February's Month of Love project, the God of Blind Love is not so much to be worshipped as placated.  Sadly, by definition it doesn't work.

Excerpt from the "Gods of the Florn FOA Handbook"...

Blind Love -  A notable god in our local pantheon is Blind Love, who strikes love into mortal hearts at random, without regard to the practicalities involved.  Ours is named Pamflormis and its symbol is a bow and flaming arrow, aimed directly upward.  While many prayers are dedicated on the alter of Pamflormis, they mostly beg that the burning arrows land elsewhere.  As Pamflormis neither aims nor cares, these prayers have very little effect.

  We do have another small god of Blind Love as well, a little-known god who presides over the love that transcends physical appearance and is inspired by purity of character.  It doesn’t receive a great deal of worship but I am quite fond of the little fellow and have made it a bed and a tiny shrine in a corner of my office, next to the the wash basin.

-- Facilitator of Many Holies, Deacon at the Florn branch of the First Othering Assembly.*
*formerly, the Temple of Wandering Gods.

For notes on small gods of the world beyond the wood, read here...  Patrons can read more on the greater gods here and here.

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