[HS] HSStandard 1.0.0

January 20.

That was the day the madness started. For the past month I have been working on something very different. What is it you ask? Well, it's called HSStandard, it's a shader replacement plugin.

Alright, I want to say many things about how this is my best achievement so far, at least from a technical point of view, and how it was hard, mindblowing, amazing, frustrating, rage inducing and all that... but let's keep it short this time.

Before starting though, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me test this and also those who made comparison shots. Really, this would have been waaaaaaay harder without you all.

Let's go!

What does this mod do?

This is a shader replacement plugin, it aims to replace the PBRsp_* family by an adapted version of the Unity Standard shader.

"Why the hell did you do this?"

The vanilla HS shaders are cool but contain bugs and some are just plain weird. The objective here was to make the game more consistent with the use of the Standard shader as much as possible. Also, it adds more features for those who are dedicated to make their game look better.

Pros and cons (and also a list of features)


- Amazing new hair shader with anisotropic reflections! Really, it's super cool guys.

- A more consistent look for your game. This means that items, clothes and character will react better with their environment.

- Two colors shader (PBRsp_3layers) shadow bug fixed!

- More objects will reflect correctly cubemaps if you're using LRE and IBL.

- A different specular algorithm. If you like making your waifu's skin super shiny, you will probably like that.

- If you don't want a certain type of object to be changed, you can configure that in modprefs.ini, there is a bunch of useful settings there.

  • Hair = hair (duh).
  • Skin = body and face skin.
  • BodyStuff = eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair...
  • Clothes = global setting for clothes.
  • SingleColorClothes = clothes that are only single color (ignored if Clothes is set to 0)
  • TwoColorClothes = clothes that are only two colors (ignored if Clothes is set to 0)
  • Other = the rest (items, effects...)
  • SingleColorOther = everything else that is only single color (ignored if Other is set to 0)
  • TwoColorOther = everything else that is two colors (ignored if Other is set to 0)

- Some objects just look better.

- It also looks great even if you don't have LRE.


- Some objects just look worse. Why? Because they weren't configured correctly to begin with, and no I cannot fix that. However, if I can't fix something in the plugin itself, there is a good chance it can be repaired by changing the mod via SB3U.

- Doesn't work very well with the current Wet skintex. Unfortunately, this is not something that can only be fixed by changing the skintex itself (or making a brand new one).

- This can be considered a graphic enhancement mod, and since it changes the skin and the hair, you'll have to adjust them on your characters.

Again, this kind of mod is very subjective, so if you don't like what it does to your game, uninstall it, don't just keep it because "Joan did that, I must have it".


Illusion Plugin Architecture 


Version 1.0.0 (Mega) 


Just put HSStandard.dll in your "Plugins" folder


Remove HSStandard.dll from your "Plugins" folder

How to use it?

- You put the dll where it needs to be put.

- That's all.

- Have fun.

Examples and comparisons

Comparisons were made with the same scene data, which means the characters weren't adjusted between the two shots. You will likely get something like this for your old scenes when you install HSStandard.

By Shoe (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By Shoe (Left = Vanilla, Right = HSStandard)

By Shoe (Left = Vanilla, Right = HSStandard)

By BTR_KG2 (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By BTR_KG2 (Left = Vanilla, Right = HSStandard)

By Gil 

By saint1228 (Left = HSStandard, Right = Vanilla)

By Cyberdisk (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By Cyberdisk (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By Lykanz (Left = Vanilla, Right = HSStandard)

By DR.MUFFSLAMMER (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By me (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By me (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

By me (Top = Vanilla, Bottom = HSStandard)

Happy to see you're still here.

Feel free to send me your thoughts on how it looks and bug reports of course, but there is a good chance I'll say something like "Can't fix it myself". Also, if bugs are found, don't expect an update right away. This past month making this plugin was a wild ride and I am certainly not ready to continue it right now. 

Alright, enough nonsense, enjoy!

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