Thank you - Patreon Giveaway!

The Origin Story is three years old now.

That's awesome crazy! 

I started drawing the first pages in December 2015,.

At the first of February in 2016 - The very few first pages hit the net on it's own website  

Later than Tapas (Tapastic back then) Animexx and Webtoons followed. (And some unmaintained uploads to Tumblr, Smackjeeves and comixpress, who are not to be continued and I should delete soon |D)

In May 2016 the first selfpublished book was released, which were followed by Two and Three in 2017 and 2018. (And guess what, Number 4 is planned for this year) :D

Patreon was opened in in April 2017 and some of you are with me since back then!! :O

Today I look back and I'm in Awww and real astonishment and gratefulness, because I never thought I would make it so far. The Origin Story was always meant to be a longer story, but yeah... people struggle and stumble - I do struggle and stumble.
I started not with the intention of quitting but to be honest, without your ongoing support, the growing readership to all the plattforms, the love and joy I receive for this project, online as offline maybe I would nonetheless?

Nowadays I don't think ever about quitting and I'm 100% positive that I will finish this project even if I know that it will take me at least another three years. But Hey, halfway through already! :D

And this is just made possible bye you!
Without you the project wouldn't be as vivid and joyfull as it is <3 You have no idea, how much this means to me!

This is why I want to say thank you!
And not with words only, but with a small gift as well.

I intend to quality print the upper illustration In March, without the words, but I'll add a handwritten personal note for you. :) and ship it to all my patreons, no matter how long they are here, no matter which tier, no matter where place you live.

That's the last thing I can do.
For you!

Only condition you need to be a patreon of mine and the next (or upper, if you intend to join in March) pledge must go through. (It's for the postal rate ;D)

Please send me your address through private note, if I don't have it already, and the print will arrive you at the end of March or beginning of April :)

Last but not least.
Thank you (again!)
I know that I repeat myself... but it's just the way I feel. Three years are huge. Hopefully we can journey the next three years together as well <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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