Back on Crack(-ing)

Bad pun aside, sorry for lack of anything last week, the way they made Article 13 even worse than before just killed me inside (that version would even kill my free Forums), and all I wanted to do was skip ahead to whenever they make the final decisions about it, by being in bed trying to sleep it away...
And as if that wasn't bad enough I caught a rather severe cold, and I did not even remotely get the idea to just ask for the cough syrup that we already had in the house, after I was affected by the brunt of it for 3 days. I also couldn't use the CPAP that whole time due to that...
Well, apart from being wrecked for quite some time, lets go about the Changes I did yesterday last minute (as opposed to last week), and what I plan around those.

So I added Steam Cracking, which will turn Propane and Butane into Propylene, Ethylene, Methane and Hydrogen.

As you can probably guess I'm planning on redoing Plastics, so that the Distillation Tower wont be outputting Plastic Dust anymore once I am done with it.

Still halfway through the Research needed to actually do it, especially for cracking other things like Gasoline. It's surprisingly difficult to link Distillation Tower Outputs to Cracking Inputs, at least using Wikipedia.

Especially where the fuck does Naphtha even come from? It's not coming from using Oil in the Distillation Tower (on the Distillation Page), but it is still listed as something that should come from using Oil in the Distillation Tower (on the Cracking Page). Just wtf Wikipedia, what step am I missing or skipping over?

Okay now for the other Changes:

Colored C-Foam Liquid can now be bubbled up into Foam inside the Injector with Air (see Vent Cover), and then dried in the Dryer to make C-Foam Blocks directly without the Capacity of a Spray Can.

Wooden Crates filled inside the Boxinator now contain 64 instead of 16 Items. I did add new Crate Blocks for that, so the old 16-Items-Crates still exist, especially as Loot Items, to not make Crates in Dungeons too ridiculous.

The Filter Blocks can now be inverted from Whitelist to Blacklist using the Screwdriver.

Fuel Value for Methane/Natural Gas has been quadrupled, but do note that I reduced Methane from regenerative Sources to counter that buff, while making non-regenerative Methane more powerful by keeping those amounts as is.

And there we have it, this weeks and kinda also last weeks Update, two for the price and effort of one. I hate when Life throws Bricks at you... welp, have a Download Page Link for Convenience and thank you all for your Support. ^^

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