Shaping her Future 1.0 Released


> New Interaction - Spanking (requires level 19)

> New Homework Reward - Fingering (requires level 18)

> New Scene - Spanking (requires level 19)

> New Event/Scene - Ring (requires level 20)

Dev Notes:

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in creating ShF. With this update, the project comes to an end and a new one begins. This update isn't the greatest but it seals the game up nicely, imo, and fills in some holes that needed filling. I had lots of difficulties with this update, especially on the asset side of things. Environments that wouldn't light properly, clothing that was just awful, and a scene that I cut completely and burned the images of because it was so bad. The ending isn't exactly what I designed but I tried my best to make it a decent and fitting end. Thanks again.

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