Reward explanation

 as I really love a well organized display on my tiers I felt like some options
might leave people confused. so here is a well organized and detailed explanation
of all reward options I offer for you. if anything is unclear or you still have questions
regarding the rewards, please feel free to ask. I will try to explain everything ♥

  Patreon news feed
in my news feed I mainly talk about future projects and upcoming events.
be always informed about new ideas and concepts of commissions, adopts or ych sales.
also all patrons are free to give feedback on topics and will receive news from upcoming
changes through my news feed.

Wips & Sketches
as the title says. be the first one to see previews of new adoptable designs
or ych, commissions ideas. get a insight on what I'm currently working on.

Poll voting 
be in the position to decide. often underestimated. I often like to ask my
patrons for their opinion. whenever I'm not sure which idea I'd like to follow
I will come to ask you for your opinion and you can decide by voting on my polls.

Early access
be the first one to get notice of coming events. patrons with early access
will be noticed of coming commissions 2 days earlier than the rest of the world
and will also get commission slots earlier than everyone else.

Free myo tickets / Crossbreeds
patrons will have access to my closed species, and with that they are
allowed to  obtain myo tickets for free (this reward will refresh monthly for +10 tiers)
designs made with these special tickets are allowed to be traded and even sold.
higher tiers will give you access to the crossbreed option which will allow you to
'fusionate' two of my closed species and use traits of both in one design.

depending on your tier you will get 5-20% off each purchase you make.
including adoptables, ych, commissions and special sales.

Preclaim option
be the first in row who can claim adopts, ych or anything I offer on flat sale.
no matter if you're on work or can't access a computer, I will hold anything
you desire for you for at least 2 days. payment plans included.

Art sample option
aka free art for you. whenever I offer a new type of commission I will need
samples of course to advertise said commission type. which means I will ask
you to provide a character(s) of your choice to finish a sample piece. you will
receive free art ♥ 

Free base access
get access to my bases, for free. pay to use ones or even personal ones I
use to create adopts, outfits or anything along those lines.  

Redlining & advice
feel free to message me anytime to ask for advice or help, art related.
I will offer redlines for your personal artworks, will try to give you aid you
with my experience and wisdom.

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