Reworked rewards and Tiers

Hello everyone! as i said, i have revamped the tiers and rewards that i offer here on my patreon to try to make it a bit more rewarding for you all and less ambiguous. In the grand scheme not a whole lot has changed but here are the major changes:

1: All subscribed patrons can see main content a week early before it is publicly released. it was too much of a hassle to set it to release on a timer but also let certain tiers see it, so I've just opened that up to all patrons.

2: The counterpoint to 1 is that now WIPs, teases, snippets, and the other misc patreon exclusive things are only available to the $2 tier and up.

3: The biggest change is to the $10 and $25 tier with the removal of the ambiguous commission discount and a more real and tangible reward in the form of "Dragon Dollars". Dragon Dollars are a currency you collect each month you are a paid subscriber at the $10 and $25 tier. Each Dragon Dollar is redeemable for a free 250 words of writing from me either in the form of a complete story if you have enough of them saved up, or they can be put towards a commission to discount the final price of the commission. (Example: get a 4000 word commission from me, but use 4 Dragon Dollars on it i will only charge you for 3000 words). These do add up, and even if you move to a lower tier or choose to no longer subscribe to my patreon you will still retain any Dragon Dollars you had already accumulated until you choose to use them. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback. Thank you again so much for supporting me. I hope this can be a positive change to make you all feel more rewarded for doing so and better express my appreciation <3.

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