The Katechonic Tower: Wandering Encounters, Floor 1

Enough hanging around outside–let's actually get inside the Katechonic Tower. First up, wandering encounters for the first floor, which I'll detail next.



Wandering Encounters (d10)

1) Corpse/Remnants (roll again)
2) Signs/Portents (roll again)
3) The Masked Maiden
4) 1d6 Curdled Angels
5) 1d3 Bone Devils
6) 1d6 Blasted Beasts
7) 1d4 Air Elementals
8) Offal Knight
9) Roll on Floor 2 chart
10) Roll again twice

Corpse/Remnants: Evidence of violence or misfortune. If the Masked Maiden, she has lost 1d2 elf squires, though she will have carried the bodies out. If out of warriors, she loses knights. If alone, you find her body.

Signs/Portents: Graffiti on the wall, shouts, smells. The next encounter you roll on the same floor has a 50% chance of being from this sign/portent; otherwise roll normally.

The Masked Maiden: Described above. She enters the tower with 1d4 of her knight-companions, 1d4 elf squires, and 1d3-1 (minimum 0) goblin servants.

Curdled Angels: Unable to receive coherent orders because of the imprisonment of the Horse Twins and the Bureaucrat-Godling, they have betrayed their principles and started to literally rot from the inside out.

Stats as hound archons, except they can only assume the forms of centipedes, their alignment is neutral evil, and they generate a magic circle against good. They smell like sour milk in any form.

Low: Immediate, suicidal attack.
Medium: They attack, but only to claim the territory they’re in.
High: They try to avoid you. If you can find holy artifacts that remind them of what they are, they might remember their purpose.

Bone Devils: Sent to retrieve the ice devil, but more interested in looting and murder.

Low: They want to murder you. They will permit one person to choose who dies; if that person refuses, they attack, targeting the refuser as often as possible.
Medium: They want to rob you. They argue convincingly that they have authority over everyone and everything within, and that you should be thankful you’re not being enslaved.
High: They want to team up and attack some other target. If the bone devils like you, they actually play fair–until you have something they want.

The devils, unlike most of the other creatures here, are entirely lucid. Charming, clever, and manipulative, they don’t want to get sent back to hell, and though they have a cruel sense of honor, they won’t fight fair if they can help it.

Blasted Beasts: These servants of the Horse Twins never had a chance against the Ogress’ mind-control magic. Now mindless and feral, they rampage through the tower without purpose. Roll d10 for the form (and stats) of each fallen god-beast:

1) Owlbear
2) Worg
3) Crocodile
4) Heavy warhorse
5) Giant crab
6) Giant mantis
7) Griffon
8) Tiger
9) Fire beetle
10) Barghest

These god-beasts are normally intelligent (and chaotic good or chaotic neutral), but the Ogress has stripped them of thought and speech.

Low: Berserk attack.
Medium: Territorial; they try to drive you away with nips or charges.
High: Not aggressive; can possibly be befriended.

Air Elementals:

Messengers and spies for various powers dispatched to the tower, these air elementals have become trapped. Even those that serve benevolent masters are getting increasingly angry and erratic. Roll 1d6 to determine their master:

1-2) Hell. Icy cold to the touch. Have the infernal template.
3) Faerie. Swirling with leaves. Have the fey template.
4) The Cosmic Library. Resemble shifting runes. Can cast dimension door 3/day.
5) The Horse Twins. Look like horses. Can cast thunderwave 3/encounter.
6) The Ogress. Can cast charm person 1/encounter.

The air elementals’ master determines their reactions.

Hell or Ogress Reactions:
Low: Vicious attack.
Medium: Mischievous and cruel. They steal whatever looks valuable and swirl away, or try to lure parties to their deaths.
High: They want to get back outside. Spells like gust of wind can overpower the wards that protect the tower and blast them out a door or window; they will bargain for this service with knowledge of the tower.

Faerie, Cosmic Library, or Horse Twins Reactions:
Low: Mischievous and mean-spirited. They steal whatever looks valuable and swirl away.
Medium: They explain their difficult situation, but are unsure how to fix it and increasingly irritable. You can learn from them as long as you don’t push them too far.
High: They want to get back outside and will bargain for help.

Offal Knight: The Ogress has had many husbands over the years and she has eaten almost all of them. But it’s hard to pass an entire hero, and the results of her digestion are the offal knights: huge animated piles of excrement and bile, wrapped in enchanted plate armor, and set to guard her treasures.

An offal knight has stats like flesh golem, except it is classified as an ooze, half its damage is acid, and it has an engulf attack like a gelatinous cube. Also they’re made of feces and tend to cause infection. An offal knight will not go berserk while it wears its armor, but if the armor is removed, its AC becomes 4 worse.

Reaction: Always hostile.


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