The best way to show the capabilities of a framework is to create a program using it. I will not tell what it will be to not spoil the surprise, but I can say that it will be a utility application. It will not be something completely new, but rather an interesting extension of existing solutions, which should be a kind of wow factor. The program will be available only to people who have started supporting the API2 project before May 1, 2019 and they will continue to do so until the application is released.  As an additional element of recognition, we will place personalized thanks for support in the About window. Yes, everyone will have its own name/nick there :-)

Because the progam will require specific API2 components further work will start from them.

The first component will be a text editing control with the following features:

* text coloring,

* different fonts in the same text,

* word wrap,

* placing other elements than text in the content.

Later this control will be further developed until it obtains full functionality required to build word processor application but for now these few features are enough.