Episode 39: The Ocean (And Other Obstacles) Between Intended Parents And Their Babies — Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker is the founder and Director of US Surrogacy LLC. She enjoys her family of three amazing young adult children and traveling with her husband. Dawn brings significant work experience from the legal field, having worked as a legal assistant for 20 years. Prior to her legal career, she served as a Personnel Specialist in the US Army and as Assistant to the Personnel Director on Yokota Air Base, Japan. 

Listen to Dawn as she discusses with Ellen and Jennifer:

  • How her 5 years of struggling with secondary infertility led her from being an investor of a surrogacy agency to eventually running a surrogacy agency.
  • The shocking and tragic case of international Intended Parents being denied travel visas to get to their baby’s birth.
  • The repeated visa denials leading to the parents not only missing the birth but to Dawn taking care of the surrogate baby for 10 weeks!
  • The efforts and drama to reach reunification.
  • Her second experience with Intended Parents separated from their babies and taking care of them (yes THEM…TWINS!).
  • Her advice to International Parents when doing surrogacy to prevent this from happening — or at least help put safeguards in place to help.

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