$25 Goal Reached!
Wowwwwww this is amazing! I can barely believe I've reached my first goal already, thank you!!!

The goal aims were to increase content output, which I am already aiming for, I'm really getting into the groove of taking progress photos of everything I do. It's becoming a regular thought of "Patreon photo time!"

I think the next big tutorial I want to do (unless another opportunity comes up) is head floofs.

The other goal was I want to make some videos. I had videoed some things, including machine applique and ladder stitching, but as most of you know, my SD card is no longer with us, and all those files are lost D: 

I will get back onto that when I replace the card (my current one is not the best) and if there's anything people want in particular, feel free to comment or drop me a message.

I've been looking into livestreams also. Our upload speed is not the best, but I will run some tests. 

I would also... like to stream/upload some non craft related things. I just got a game on Steam that I REALLY loved playing years ago, my friend and I want to play together, and I was thinking of streaming/recording it as well. So I've been thinking of doing some nonsensical video stuff to try and help me get over some of the shyness I have.