$25+ Patrons! Choose your November postcard!
I decided to run this one a bit differently from the norm. Usually, I just semi-randomly pick who to send each postcard to, but this month I put so much work into them that I want to make sure that people end up with one they like. So for at least this month, I'm letting you pick which one you would like. The patrons donating higher amounts will be given precedence.

These are all done on 5x7 (I think?) paper with graphite pencil, white gel pen/white paint markers, and colored pencil for the three color ones. The photos are kind of bad, I don't have an actual scanner at my disposal anymore. The bottom right one is especially bad, but it's hard to capture it with a photo. Part of what's cool about graphite on black paper is how it changes lightness depending on the viewing angle, to the point where the graphite becomes invisible at certain angles, leaving just the white gel pen visible. It's a pretty neat effect, and I promise it looks a lot better than in the photo.

Just leave a comment or send me a PM with your choice (Preferably a comment, so others can see what they can no longer pick more easiy.