Napa Wine Project Introduction

Over the past 13+ years I have personally visited, tasted, and written extensive reviews of nearly 1,000 unique commercial Napa Valley based wineries, producers and or tasting rooms:

The site has become an excellent resource for both the local community and for those interested in small premium producers in the valley including sommeliers, distributors, serious wine buyers, retail outlets, drivers and others interested in wines from the Napa Valley.

And it has given Napa Valley based wineries additional exposure - especially some of the smaller producers. 

Both the financial  commitment and time needed to maintain and grow a project of this scope is a huge undertaking. 

Contributions will be directly put towards hard costs in the following order: gas, select winery tasting fees, consumer and trade tasting events focused on Napa Valley wines and select bottle sample purchases.

Thank you for your support.

David Thompson