The God of Truthful Love

The fifth and last god of February's Month of Love project is the God of Truthful Love, the Love that speaks its name and shares the details. Handle with care.

Excerpt from "Gods of the Florn FOA handbook"...

 The God of Truthful Love is not a god to be worshipped lightly, for often significant risk accompanies the decision to open one’s heart to a beloved other. It is worshipped most often after the fact, when lovers look back on an earlier act of truth-telling, in much the same way that someone leaping out of a burning building may (with luck) look back on their escape. While in some cases truth may have good results in love, it should be approached with the knowledge that it can also go terribly wrong.

Truthful Love is one of the few gods of Love to which the FOA has assigned a level “3” rating, indicating that it should be worshipped with caution.  Remember, good humans -- think first, then speak.

For ease of maintenance, the Florn FOA has moved the shrine of Truth in Love in the chapel of Weeping Gods, as we have reason to presume they are related and it minimizes water damages to the floors.  Thank you for your understanding. 

-- Facilitator of Many Holies, Deacon at the Florn branch of the First Othering Assembly.*
 *formerly, the Temple of Wandering Gods.

**To learn more about small gods of the world beyond the wood, read here...  Patrons can read more on the greater gods hereand here.

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