My Art is Now Available in More Marketplaces!

Hiya! πŸƒ

I have had happy success with my art work available on t-shirts and loads of other products on Redbubble.

I thought I'd expand my distribution to other platforms, so that if anyone has a favorite t-shirt or art print supplier, they can go through them to get my designs, too~ πŸ€—

Here are some of the new places where you can find my art (the one pictured above is Threadless!):

πŸŽ€ Teespring πŸŽ€ Society6 πŸŽ€ Teepublic πŸŽ€ Threadless πŸŽ€ DesignByHumans πŸŽ€ InPrnt πŸŽ€

Over the next weeks, I will be updating each one in little batches until they are all caught up with what's already listed on Redbubble~ πŸ’—