The Swordsfall Setting and Art Book Kickstarter

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The art to Swordsfall is in a way just as important as the writing I'm doing and the game I'm building. A large chunk of the current Patreon budget goes toward funding the art that you've seen lately.

Now I want to do it in a larger quantity, and for that I need a Kickstarter and your help.


It's simple, launch a Kickstarter to fund a huge batch of art for the Swordsfall Tabletop RPG.  However, I'm going to do more than just take the art and shove it in the Corebook. No, instead I want to take the art and a huge chunk of the lore on my World Anvil and craft a Setting and Art Book.


Swordsfall itself is its own self contained world with its own ruleset that I'm building. The progress is steady and without a hitch, but it's a lengthy one. So what can you do in the time being? Well as was suggested to me on Twitter, having a setting book would allow players to run their own Swordsfall campaigns in other rule systems.

So using a combination of the art and world lore, I'm going to arrange the book as a picturesque guide through the world of Tikor. One with enough depth to give any group plenty of ideas for campaigns and a world to play in.


For those that have no interest in the game aspect itself, the book can simple be read and displayed as an art book. A gorgeous book packed to the brim with brown faces of all shades. 


"Welcome to Tikor" (the name of the book) will be around 100 to 150 pages in full color. It'll be offered as a PDF or as a Print on Demand book through DriveThru RPG.

The physical book will be use premium paper and available in softcover or hardcover.


The Kickstarter is set for March 11th, so set the date! I'll be posting the link soon once the page is finished. 

Let's get this paper(back)!

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