So I want to do a bit of an experiment with my Patreon page, and it involves the mail. See, ever since I began working online I've always had limitations concerning the mail. Since I live in Colombia, South America, I have never been able to ship things to customers like original art pieces or anything like that. The reasons for this involve price, time and even trust - meaning I don't know if it would be too expensive, how long it would take and if it would even get there. But I started this thing in 2004, and here we are almost eleven years later. I think it's about time we gave it a try and see what happens. So this week I'll be producing two images: a pencil sketch and a watercolor image. On Monday, I will be raffling both these images among my Patreons. The pencil sketch will be raffled among all the Patreons, regardless of their level. And the watercolor image will be raffled to those who are at or above the $5 level. Once I have defined who has won the images, I'll go to the post office and send the images. The idea of this experiment is for me to find out how much it would cost, then how long it will take for the images to get there and finally what state the arrive in - if they arrive at all. If the experiment proves that shipping stuff to different parts of the world is viable, then I'll be able to start offering my Patreons that sort of thing on a more regular basis, sell stuff like signed prints or perhaps even consider selling original artpieces. But it all depends on how this experiment goes. So yeah, just letting you all know this is going to happen. If you're interested in helping support my work through Patreon, thanks a lot! And good luck to you! Good hunting; O NOTE 1: Sending stuff through the mail might seem like something extremely normal to most of you, and you're probably wondering what the big deal is. But trust me, third-world-mail is not the same thing as mail in the rest of the world. NOTE 2: If you get what the image is referencing, then well... what can I say? How awesome was Tom Petty in that movie, huh? NOTE 3: Yeah... not very. But still, he was IN IT. NOTE 4: He totally looked like Iggy Pop, too.