Do I have to focus? (Writing Advice)

Note: This makes up for the 2/11 writing advice and as such will go live for everyone after just one week. Normally I post my writing advice live after 2 weeks.

As I was driving back from town this afternoon, I questioned my path. After all, I have several different genres, a few pen names, and some publishing projects, not to mention my Muse Mentoring and Technical Assistant work. Maybe I'm trying to do too much.

In the coaching world it's called being multi-passionate, and you're told to niche down. To narrow what you're doing. Except each of those items is a niche and it's one I love. I love what I do and the work I do. Something tells me you're like that too. So do we have to focus?

My answer to that is YES and NO. Let me explain.

YES we have to focus to get the work done. If we don't focus, we can't knock items off our to do list or move forward with projects. We can't follow our plot lines or be still enough to listen to our characters. So in a way, yes we have to focus.

However, NO we don't have to focus. You CAN have all of those passions. You do need to realize, as I do, that there are only so many hours in the day and you have to take time for yourself, to rest and recharge. You may need to understand that your progress might be slower. But progress is progress and speed isn't always a good thing.

To me, the most important thing is what makes your heart sing? What do you REALLY want to do? Once you know that -- then do it! 

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