MyLK Patreon Roles and Rewards

This is a post about the various Patreon rolls and more info about the rewards.


Tier 1 (Follower - $1):

        Written dev diaries and image previews

Tier 2 (Player - $5):

        Monthly game updates

Tier 3 (Contributor - $10):

        Access to cosmetic polls and a walkthrough with each update

Tier 4 (Insider - $20):

        Three 'textras' and a wallpaper each month and 3x poll power

Tier 5 (Hero - $60):

        Once per month, request a custom image of any MyLK character(s), and 5x poll power.


Dev Diaries:

    These will be largely the same as they were for ShF. I'm going to try to post 3 per month. The first of these will usually be a rundown of the next chapter's content and my goals with it.

Image Previews:

    Lots of other creators do image previews. I'm not certain about exactly what I'll do with these as I don't post nudity of Patreon. I may use only SFW images, or I may censor NSFW ones, I'll decide soon. I want to post 3 per month.

Monthly Game Updates:

    I will release one chapter per month. I see lots of creators splitting releases across multiple tiers but I hate that because it can punish lower-tier supporters who end up getting the game after people who pirate it. They're paying to get the game later than others who don't pay at all, which is stupid and completely unfair. Unless you can 100% stop piracy, then you can't do a staggered release, in my opinion.

Cosmetic Polls:

    MyLK's story is already pre-planned to a great degree. I know everything that's going to happen form the first chapter to the last. Therefore, I can't do polls about what to add, but I like the interaction that polls provide. polls will be about clothing of the main characters. There may be polls about the cosmetics of background characters too but I don't know yet. The amount of polls will vary between chapters but each will at least one. If I can't find anything to poll about, then I'll make a poll for the next chapter instead.


    YOU WILL NOT REQUIRE A WALKTHROUGH TO PLAY MyLK! I wanted to stress that. The walkthrough/guide will tell you the effects of the decisions. Helpful if you don't have much time to play and experience every different option, but not required to play by any means.


    These will be SFW images tied to the previous chapter. Each chapter has 1 wallpaper tied to it and I already know what they all will be.


    These will be a little different and something I'm actually rather excited about creating. There will be a discord channel set up that will act like the MC's phone. 1, 2 and 3 weeks after each release, one of the girls will send an image that she took along with a message or two. These will tie in to the previous chapter. For example, you may receive oral from one of the girls and she'll send you a picture of a certain something in her mouth with the message "I didn't swallow it all!". I spent six hours yesterday reading through each chapter's synopsis and deciding what the three textras will be - I think this will be a cool reward.

    As an alternative to discord, I'll upload the images to MEGA for patrons to download, but they'll all come at once when they've been released on discord already.

Custom Images:

    Once per month, you can request an image for me to make. Tell me what you want me to create and I'll do it. You may choose from all of the characters in MyLK so long as your selection follows patreon's rules (no mother/son, father/daughter or sister/brother). I will create your custom image and include it in the game's 'fantasies' area which is unlocked by completing the latest chapter of the game. I can render the image in higher resolutions (up to 2160p) and send it to you personally if you wish. If anyone ever pledges for this, then I'll make a post each month informing you that you can message me here or on discord with your request.

Thanks for reading.

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