The Young Protectors - Truth or Dare, Page 12

Then what is the secret, my young friend? Patrons have already unlocked the Full Monty Tsunami-over-white pin-up over at the Patreon Page and we’re now less than $60/month away from also unlocking an alternate version with a full-color background! Here is what Patrons who have seen the Full Monty Tsunami painted by Marccus have had to say so far: “I really like this! The confidence is really nice! I, too am a fan of his chest, and ya know what other part I really like? I, for whatever reason, am very fond of that little bit of “side-butt” that we get to see! This is very well done! My hats off to you, Marccus!” “Tsu-Tsu’s chest is my fave of this art piece. Marccus has done an awesome job making those tattoos look their best on a well toned chest. It is H.O.T. Marccus really knocked it out of the ballpark!” “This is a masterpiece. Marcus has made Tsunami into something Michelangelo would have been proud of. The facial expression, the stance, all of the musculature, as I said a Masterpiece.” If you become a Patron now and pledge $5 or more, you’ll be able to download the whole image as a digital wallpaper right away. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution, once payments are processed at the beginning of June! And, because I got a couple emails from folks who said they misunderstood that $10+ Patrons were going to get high-res files of The Annihilator pin-up last month,I’ll also be including high-res files of the Full Monty Annihilator as well for $10+ Patrons, both with and without background, just for this month as well. So! Flyboy has a secret! Something he needs to get off his chest! I wonder what it might be? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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