Tier 5 - DOODLE COMMISSION infos & rules

Uhhh I’m exited! 

Gonna do something like commissions on a regular basis from this month on! Wuhuu! <3

I got quite some messages in the last few years, if I do commissions and in the vast majority of cases I declined them, because I had some negative experiences with them, I only did some for friends or a few other creators and in most cases only small stuff, like emotes for streamers. Anyway! I really want to start liking commissions again, especially because I can totally relate to that wish to see my own characters or certain characters from artist I like!^-^

Now, before I add this new tier, I want to make sure everyone who’s interested knows how this will work!

First! Tier 5 will have only 2 spots at first! I still want to have the opportunity to draw my OCs and stuff and of course I have to get into the whole commission thing again. If it works fine, I’ll add another 1 or 2 spots later in March.

Also! If you want to join Tier 5, make sure you actually switch to Tier 5, don't just edit your pledge amount to 85$!

I’ll open Tier 5 at 10 pm today (CET, that’s in about 2.5 hours)!

Please read the rules, before pledging for Tier 5!

RULES for doodle commission: 

  • it’s a doodle, not a regular drawing!
  • 1 character, 2 versions (ecchi+nude) 
  • visual references needed! 
  • you can suggest lingerie, a theme or pose, but the final execution is up to me! A free artist is a happy artist! ^-^
  • process: send me a message with your info and visual references after pledging, we’ll talk about the key points and you can comment on the sketch, but I’ll change only small parts (for example if I forget something or fuck something up).
  • will draw: fanart or OCs, human, furries, demons, hybrids, kemonomimi, everything from small to large boob sizes, futa, genderbend
  • won’t draw: mecha, robots (except they look pretty much human), real life people, loli, animals, gore, … and… males - I’m bad at drawing male features except for dicks and I enjoy drawings girls way more. Just look at my other art and think about the stuff I like to draw and what fits my style, before pledging for this commission tier.
  • Please keep in mind, I’ll share the WIPs etc and the finished drawing in high res with all patrons and in low res on social media! 
  • private use only, no commercial use
  • You can’t claim that you’re the creator of the artwork, if you repost it somewhere credit me
  • I can decline a commission, if I’m not comfortable for any reason.

 Tier examples here!

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