Adventurer’s Arsenal (Magic Item Crafting for 5th Edition)

From noble paladin to insane wizard, at the heart of each adventurer is a burning desire that is never satisfied. We speak, of course, about the need for phat loot with which to pimp out an already formidable fantasy character.

However, 5th Edition is somewhat….. lacking in the magic item department. When you need a powerful tool that you know your players will adore, you may find your options are quite limited.

Enter the Adventurer's Arsenal - A Component-Based Crafting System For Magic Items in 5th Edition. With this system, you can not only recreate a majority of weapons, armor, and staves from 5E base (ensure a modicum of balance, at least), but also build out your own items and expand into the barest glimpse of Epic play.

Let us know what you think!

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