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Flame Test
**I tried to post the paintings as an animated gif but Patreon won't let me so it's only showing the one in low rez. There are seven paintings so please use the download links to see them! And download the gif or use this link to see: **** My project for the month of May is complete! Special thanks to chemist, Dr Ray Burks for being my science advisor and helping me to explain the science behind this project. If you haven't watched it already, please take a look at my feed for the video with myself and Dr Burks where she explains what a flame test is and what it is used for. One of my stretch goals for this Patreon project is to make videos with scientists explaining the science behind each piece that can be shared to help educate the public. That video was a fun practice run for me. Hopefully there will be more, higher quality videos in the future! My project for this month was a series of seven paintings. Each one is 11"x17" and acrylic on canvas. Each painting represents a different element, that when lit on fire in a flame test displays a unique color. Dr Burks assisted me in picking the elements. They are arranged in order of their numbers on the periodic table and each painting has some interesting facts about each element in it's various forms written around each flame. Along with the paintings and the video with the my science advisor, I also created a fun gif that I will share in the downloads that you can post that scrolls through all of the paintings! Flames Tests are a great way to learn about chemistry and are the science behind fireworks and other pyrotechnics. This fourth of July look up at the bright colors in the sky and then look at this series of paintings to see if you can identify the elements being used. The elements I painted in order are: Lithium, Sodium, Calcium, Arsenic, Rubidium, Indium and Barium. All of the paintings are available as photos for download if you want a closer look. I may make prints of all of the elements together on one poster if there is any interest in that. Thanks so much your support of my art and I hope you learn something new about the elements I used to represent the flame test or at least that you have fun sharing this project with your friends and family! My next project will like have something to do with neuroscience so stay tuned!