New Revamped Chapter 1.... for Bronze Patrons

Thought I would share with you a Revamped Chapter 1 which will become the new Demo!

Renders have all been redone and Filled in some gaps in the story along with some new stuff as well.   

I've added a stats box which will be more functional in the coming chapters and not so much in chapter 1 as this really is just a demo and meant to give you an idea of what the game will be about and so forth.  

I'm sure this goes without saying..... This is all a work in progress and will be very polished but completion.....  

This has been and will continue to be a hell of a lot of work but I love a good challenge and I'm embracing it!  I love working on this project and will continue to work on it with every free minute that I have.   

Starting this weekend I have 3 weeks off my regular full time job and will spend 2 of those weeks home working on TAC.  The 1 week remaining I am off to Mexico with my wife to enjoy some sun :) 

I hope you all enjoy the new Revamped Chapter 1 :)  

PC -!x3hzUKSa!ajhnrzSz7AAChE-XittJ_DlGgxdQuOIj-htQ_q2gQ_I 

MAC  -!Y6hlBaLJ!HQZLwSqd_Vovq3NSDe2kEUk24lHh62iawSlfOkVt3dI 


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