Hello everybody! Another week has passed on Patreon, and another week of dwarfy work has passed with it. We started with fortress mode research and ended with a character generation revamp. As usual there are details over on the development log over at http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves . I've separated the race and civilization selection and done a few other things to make character generation friendlier. I just wrapped up some options for the appearance paragraphs. The odd thing about it is that your characters are pulled from specific population pools at the sites where they reside, and these populations have appearance information that is a little difficult to control directly (since it acts on the "genetic" information of the new character, instead of the phenotype). I went with a randomization option that allows you to reroll the appearance paragraph within the population parameters, and another one that allows you to reroll your appearance using the full range possible for that creature. The full option still leads to proper genetics, so any children would end up working correctly. The same wouldn't be true of sliders or something like that -- reverse engineering the genetics from the sliders is partially possible now, but it'll eventually be totally impossible, so I haven't attempted a manual appearance customizer (although I think it would eventually be amusing to have a modern slider-type face customizer that just changes a text paragraph). The next project is livening up the adventure mode taverns. The game will give your characters with musical skills a starting instrument and practical artistic knowledge, so the liveliest one will probably be you, he he he.