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Colbey slams the trunk. "Yes, I know exactly what I'm doing! I got this far, didn't I?"
Sarrah snidely remarks through the glass, "you and quite a few friends no longer with you."
Colbey walks up to the door. "The real question is, are you going to fulfill your end of our bargain?"
"Alpha Omega keeps all promises. You know this."
"Well it's go time, so get ready."
I'm so sorry about the lack of updates! I have been renovating our home, and I'm so exhausted it's hard to stay up past 8PM. The bulk of the work is now done, and the installers are going to come in and do most of the rest. I need to sleep. I need to recover. Everything hurts. I'm so stressed out that I can't sleep and I can't recover. I find out where I land for residency in 10 days and GUYS LIFE IS CRAZY. And my husband is out of town and this is all on me right now and just--I need hugs. Give hugs.

I'll finish this Wednesday night probably and get back on track.