Universe 21 - Post 9(Update 1.0.8)

In today's patreon post i'll be talking about what i've been working on for update 1.0.8. 

Game Updates  Pre-Alpha v.1.0.8(Live now)

  • Added 
    • Added New Alert System for Alerts such as item pickups, mission rewards, leveling, etc. 
    • Added a text alert message for Missions, so you can see it in chat as well. 
    • Added a Floating Interact Text system, where going over Flowers will display a Pick Up(f) message above it,(Notes – Later I want to make it for NPCs as well, and other stuff). 
    • Update 1.0.8a 
      • Added 5 New Gear Pieces(2 Head Pieces, 2 Back Pieces, 1 Body Piece)
      • Combat System Overhaul. 
        • Added New UI elements for the Power Bar. 
        • Power Bar is used by Techniques, the amount of the power bar used affects the technique size, power and effects. 
        • Normal Attacks, Blasts no longer consume energy/stamina their purpose is you fill your power bar. 
        • Resting consumes stamina but refills your power. 
        • Sprinting only consumes stamina now. 
        • Vanish Step now consumes a 3rd of your stamina per use, up to 3 times. 

  • Tweaks 
    • Work on Planet Braamia and Voslyria continues, the layouts for zones and settlements are mostly done. 
    • Work on the settlements has begun some capture zones are now settlements zones, as placeholder they have floors in them. 
    • Some tweaks have been made to the Snow biome on Meanus to make room for a Settlement Zone. 
    • Tweaked the size of Discord button to make room for Patreon Button. 
    • Disabled the Meanus Conquest Table because of reworks done on the Planet. 
    • Update 1.0.8b 
      • Unlearning Techniques will give you back the Combat Points you used on said Technique. 

  • Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed an issue with Voslyria Prime Bosses not spawning. 
    • Fixed some issues with updating Mission Window after Completing Missions. 
    • Fixed some runtime errors related to Mouse. 
    • Fixed some runtime errors related to the Power Up Techniques. 
    • Update 1.0.8a 
      • Fixed some issues with the new floating text. 
      • Fixed an issue with Super Flight where you'd fly even after your stamina is 0. 
    • Update 1.0.8b 
      • Fixed an issue with Items being dropped and then picking them up, they wouldn't show up properly in Inventory. 
      • Fixed an issue with Changing Appearances from your Prime State, it wouldn't remove your Electricity effect. 
      • Fixed an issue with Spamming F while controlling your Ship Multiples who is navigating the ship, giving you a higher speed then intended to. 
      • Fixed an issue with the Universal Background Simulation issues with the Ships Where you would be able to teleport to a Ship that isn't in your specific Planet Orbit. 

Feedback is very welcome do so via the discord universe 21 channels. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ykk0lc4ewe55drn/AADyY9j_HkFaF-ZOmBElxoXza?dl=0  - Download Link for Universe 21 Launcher.

https://www.s10games.com/ - Work in progress website.

https://discord.gg/wvG4Aj2 - Discord.

https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=11072646 - Support.  

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