Face Casting Tutorial - now available to all $3+ Patrons!

I finished the face casting tutorial! :D

Right now the tutorial is available for download, for all $3+ Patrons, follow this link:

It will eventually be available also in my shop for a one time cost, once my new website and shop is up and running (currently under construction). My shop at Etsy is giving me a lot of trouble, so I will not make it available there, I'm sorry! I am moving my Etsy shop to my own shop at my website, soon.
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I am also in the middle of preparing to move to another city so things might be moving a bit slower than usual right now.


This tutorial is 33 pages and includes about 50 photos.

It covers (with a few photos and a fairly detailed description) how to make a face cast using only plaster bandages.
It also covers (in great detail with many photos and descriptions) how to make a more advances face cast using lifecasting alginate plus plaster bandages.
I also show you how I made my little sculpting easel to use with the face cast.

A face cast is very handy to have when sculpting/making masks and a lot of people have been asking me about this. So I hope you find this useful!
If you decide to use the tutorial, I would love to see what you make with it.

And a big thanks to Martin, Patrik and Evelina for helping me out with the face cast and photography!

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