The Partner’s Perspective — Jade and Jahmaya

Gestational surrogacy is a journey not just for the gestational carrier but for her family too! Jade and Jahmaya share their story, including the often over-looked perspective of the partner of a gestational carrier. 

Listen to Jade and Jahmaya as they discuss: 

  • How Jade became interested in becoming a gestational surrogate. 
  • What Jahmaya’s fears and hesitations were when Jade told him she wanted to become a GC.
  • What changed his mind a year later.
  • The surrogacy screening process — from the GC side and the partner side.
  • The shots, the hormones, the psych exam — what it was like for both of them.
  • Dealing with the side effects to their sex life (or rather, lack thereof!).
  • The reaction of their families.
  • How the matching process went and what their relationship with the intended parents was like.
  • The labor and the heartwarming birth experience. 

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