[Tabs] No. 11 - Playtime

Download the PDF tabs for the 11th issue of the 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele project. You'll find a file optimized for printing on A4 paper and an alternative one prepared for viewing on tablets.

Performance notes

This is a single line, unaccompanied melody played campanella style. With quite a crazy fingering –as any campanella arrangement. I'd suggest to work the piece a measure at a time, memorizing the shifts. There are some tricky position changes, I've included a quite complete fretting fingering guide, use it to your advantage –that is, play as notated only if it's useful for you, otherwise, get a pencil, annotate the fingerings that work for you and please, share them with your patreon buddies ;)

Anyway, I should point the shifts from second to fifth position as the most problematics. I solve them by substituting the third finger by the pinkie on the f# –see start of bar 3 and the last beat on measure 12.

But I have not written any stroking finger pattern. Why? Because in this case there are none (for once, we're not playing obstinato style arpeggios). I tend to play this kind of arrangement using the thumb, the index and the middle finger. The only rule would be not to play twice with the same finger notes shorter than a quarter. Please, ask for my help if you feel you need it to solve the puzzle.

I hope you'll enjoy learning this piece as I did.

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