Warning: Gas Turbines got added!

They may look identical to the Steam Turbine Multiblocks (which also got the fixed 3x3 Texture now), but they run on gaseous Fuel. I also added the Warning Signs from GT5 back, but this time in Cover form!

Here is how the Gas Turbine works:

You insert something that works as Gaseous Fuel and it will start running all by itself. The Fuel can be inserted pretty much anywhere on the Multiblock.

The Burning of said Fuel will result in Fluid Outputs that you will have to get rid of in order for it to continue running. For example Methane will exhaust CO2 and Distilled Water, that you have to manually pump out of the Multiblock.

Power Output is identical to the same Tier of Large Steam Turbine.

Everything should be as simple as that. The Warning Signs can be chiseled in order to switch between them, and they will keep whatever background they are attached to, so they dont stand out when you place them on a Block.

As for rants, I think this Forum Post of mine should be sufficient. I'm glad the Conservatives and their antidemocratic attempt at flat out silencing Protests got stopped with a resounding "NO" by all other Parties, but it is not over, the Articles 11, 12 and 13 can still be stopped!

Well then, have a Download Page Link for convenience and thank you all for your Support as always. ^^

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