I wanted to make a short post, in advance of our first 'official' month to thank everyone who has so generously offered to support what I'm doing with Sentinel Hill Press.  I am very appreciative of your willingness to help me out in this work and I hope that you will be pleased with what you get in return.

I thought I might offer a partial glimpse into the Sentinel Hill Press library, as it currently stands.  My initial thought was I might talk about one of the books I already have on hand (and I have mostly read all of these books though there are a few I've only read in part) while I am awaiting my first book to arrive purchased with the funds you have so graciously provided (about which I will speak momentarily).

Attached here is a .doc in progress - a little over one shelf of my books (probably about 1/2 of my collection) - put together in a bibliography for your examination.  I'm trying to keep to books that are primarily useful vis a vis New England, so I've left out a passel of more general Lovecraft references, at least for now.  Is there any of these works that catches you eye?  Post a comment and we can perhaps decide together which one I should talk about first. 

I will keep this post public so those folks considering becoming a backer have some idea of what sort of topics I'm looking to cover in the future.

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