How to Work On Photos From Absolutely Anywhere (But Professionally): Prelude

It's 4:39. Insomnia time. I can struggle with that, waste the time of trying to go back to bed … or I can pick up my phone and quickly hack away away at a three-day Indian wedding and see if I get tired again.

It's 9:45 a.m.. Tuesday. As per NYC ritual, I have to wait 45 minutes in my car so I don't get a ticket as the street cleaners pass. I put on an audiobook or a podcast, and cull an entire engagement shoot. 

It’s 11 a.m. I am exporting from Lightroom, running black and white batches in Silver Efex, and stitching a 150-image panorama. My computer has ground to excruciating slowness. No worry — I switch to my iPad and don’t miss a beat.

This is just the most obvious benefit of a workflow that integrates Lightroom Mobile — it’s mobile. But that alone is a powerful reason to have it as a tool in your workflow, whatever your other tools are. Heck, maybe you don’t primarily cull or even tone in Lightroom — it’s OK, this has a place for you. (Though it’s more useful if you tone in Adobe-land)

It goes further. Done right, these tools can be faster than Lightroom on your computer. Moreover, a fully integrated workflow can allow you to serve your clients better and make them happier in ways I can almost assure you are not already doing.

There’s a lot to unpack here. I started this project with two articles that I thought were mostly unrelated. As I progressed, I realized that these were really three topics that are deeply related, and will be released as such:

1. A powerful, professional workflow designed for ease, versatility, speed, and protecting your files as much as possible, all within the Adobe ecosystem.

2. A workflow for those who want to branch out with culling programs like Photo Mechanic, or even other photo editors.

3. A secret workflow that now begins each one of my wedding edits. It will help you serve your clients’ needs even better than you are now … and it’s surprising enough that I’m keeping that way until the article.

Now that I have the structure and outline for all this information set, I am excited to begin to release these articles for premium patrons this week. Premium memberships are $5 through the end of the month, and I promise this project alone is worth way more, for any photographers but especially for wedding photographers.

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