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On Monday, I visited the amazing Blue Mountains! This trip was absolutely incredible. I woke up and met with my good friend, Eliete (from Brazil), and we took a train from Sydney Central Station to the western wilderness. The trip took about 2 hours traveling through simply amazing views on the way to the Blue Mountains. I was happy to find that this train ride only cost around $6 one way! This price is a gift, considering what you are able to experience once you arrive at the mountains.

The Blue Mountains is a region west of Sydney and is famous for its extraordinary beauty, scenic cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, vast greenery, and wide range of epic views. The region is also spotted with small mountain villages, artisan shops, and simple tourist friendly areas. One of the most famous attractions in the Blue Mountains is a view of what is called the Three Sisters. The Three Sisters is a rock formation consisting of three high finger-like stacks of boulders reaching to the sky. It is amazing to behold the beauty of this attraction given also the epic backdrop that frames it!

After viewing the Three Sisters, Eliete and I took a nature walk around the side of the cliffs. All the pathways and hiking routes along the Blue Mountains are extremely well kept and clearly marked. I believe someone could spend a week exploring this area and not even come close to witnessing all the mountain paths have to offer.

At one spot in our journey along the path, we came across a beautiful waterfall. We both decided that it would be a great place to soak in some time with Jesus, and also spend some time in God’s Word. I wrote in my devotional journal and spent some quiet time with God. God spoke to me in this moment about the importance of putting my life firmly on a solid foundation of faith in Him. Also that my faith in Jesus will keep my "top spinning", yielding opportunities to do good works and also receive blessings and joy from God. What a wonderful time with King Jesus I experienced!

I cherished my time time in the Blue Mountains. I will certainly go back when given the opportunity and time to do so. Australia is beautiful, and I want to experience the things that it has to offer me while I am studying here! God is Good.

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