The Monday Muse Is Feeling Unwarrantedly Poetic About Having Been Sick

Good morning. It's another Monday Muse on a Tuesday, I'm afraid. I have a decent excuse this time, at least: I got kind of sick early Sunday morning. Like, "it was probably food poisoning" sick. You won't need me to fill in the details. In any case, Sunday afternoon and evening was all about carefully reintroducing my body to basic fluids and Monday to actual food.

I feel more or less normal today--if still not eager to eat, at least more adventurous in what I'm putting on my plate. There's nothing quite like gastrointestinal distress to make a body forget, all in a hurry, how to look forward to or enjoy a meal. It's like my job today is to relearn how to do that--heck, to relearn how to be a human being, even. And my first meal today feels like a ritual purification for someone who has spent several days in the ritual isolation of the ritually impure. I am making myself fit to reenter the world. That's what it feels like.

All right. That's a laughably overdramatic way to say, essentially, "I puked a lot but now I'm better." That's my superpower. Being overdramatic with fancy words. In my defense, it's kind of a fancy breakfast. We had a bunch of out of town guests and they have left a lot of food behind. There's figs and baby carrots and stuff.

Meanwhile, I really don't have a good excuse for not having last week's Friday Fictionette out on time. When it wasn't ready for Friday, I made sure to get everything in order so I could release it on Sunday after the weekend's roller derby tournament was over. But then, well, Sunday happened, which meant although the tournament was over for me, so was any prospect of useful work for the weekend. So you'll be seeing the March 8 release later this evening.

Meanwhile, here's your Monday Muse on a Tuesday! It came from the random number generator of the Writer Igniter, as follows:

Character: Soccer Mom
Situation: Wakes from a coma
Prop: Mysterious Scar
Setting: [Image: A modern city with a turreted castle in the middle, bunting strung everywhere; crowded parking lot, several flowering shrubs in pots.]

The Friday Fictionette for March 15 will feature a short-story-like object based on, or at least inspired by, that writing prompt. If you want to play along at home and let the prompt insipire you to write something of your own, feel free to share a link to it in the comments below. Until then!