Beta: The Lost Soul Blues


Crimson lightning licks the skybound tooth mountains above the plain of magma. The landscape of Hell roils before you. A fell power has beckoned you from the wastes and bound you to a cause. Accomplish it to gain your freedom.
The Lost Soul Blues is a very small table-top role-playing game that focuses on the trials and tribulations of the strange creatures of Hell. It features a single simple resolution mechanic, tables for randomly generating a hellish adventure, rules for advancement, and several mods, all packed into 3 pages.

Well, here it is! Another game, this time in the vein of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper.

Download it below. It's free. If you like it, there are links for supporting me on page 3. Since it's in beta, there are also links for submitting bugs and issues on page 3 as well.

Even though I conceived of the game as a single page like Lasers & Feelings, It's broken up into 3 pages, each slightly less important than the last, so if you absolutely have to play with one sheet, that's possible. But I'd also like to do a lore supplement that would be longer, consisting of character writeups, short stories, and maybe even brief comics. That'd be neat.

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