Episode 41: The Miracle of Embryo Donation — Deb Roberts

Deb is the Founder and CEO of Embryo Connections. She personally manages matching families looking for a future for their remaining embryos, with those turning to embryo donation to conceive.

Tune in as Deb talks about: 

  • Why she left her high-powered position managing brands and launching new products for companies such as Quaker Oats and Coca Cola to pursue her passion of helping to create families.
  • The moment she realized that life doesn’t have to go in order—meet person of dreams, get married, have baby—and decided to become a single-mom-by-choice.
  • The heartbreaking story of how an egg retrieval with 60(!) eggs still didn’t result in a child.
  • Her difficult experience with a miscarriage and a chemical twin pregnancy.
  • Her diagnosis of Asherman’s Syndrome and how it affected her ability to carry a baby.
  • How her amazing infertility journey led her into starting Embryo Connections and then helping so many other people have families!
  • How she is addressing embryo donation with her son.

To hear another great podcast episode about embryo donation, tune into Episode 16: One More Shot - Noah and Maya (https://soundcloud.com/iwtpabiy/episode-16-one-more-shot-maya-and-noah). 

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